Slab Leak Detection & Repair

A water slab leak is when a water pipe under your house has a leak, causing water to run under the foundation of your home. Pipes under slabs can begin to move. This shifting causes cracks and leaks at the plumbing joints and fittings. Locating slab leaks is a specialty that requires experience and the right equipment.

At Haynes Plumbing, we have a slab leak team with highly trained technicians and the latest detection equipment. The slab leak specialist will locate the leak and give you your options to repair the leak. Feel confident choosing Haynes Plumbing. We have trusted plumbers that know how to resolve your plumbing issue and protect your home in the process.

Symptoms Of A Slab Leak in Stafford, VA

  • high water bills
  • you hear the sound of running water but you can’t see any evidence of a leak
  • hot spot(s) on the floor
  • water, mildew, or excessive moisture on or under the carpet

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